1. Italian Shocks
    Luigi Madonna

  2. New Era
    Bart Skils

  3. Future of Mankind
    Ramon Tapia

  4. Restore My Soul
    Adam Beyer, DJ Rush

  5. Hyper World
    Layton Giordani

  6. Our Freedom
    Marco Faraone

  7. We Don't Know Anything Yet
    Alan Fitzpatrick & Joel Mull feat. Frangie

  8. Returning
    Jay Lumen

  9. Wasp

  10. Antaris
    Thomas Hoffknecht

  11. Recovery

  12. Fine Line
    Alex Lentini & STOMP BOXX

  13. A-Sides, Vol.10
    Various Artists

  14. Consciousness
    Pig&Dan & Victor Ruiz

  15. Your Lovin'
    Christian Smith

  16. Mad World
    Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano

  17. New Generation
    Layton Giordani

  18. Obscurity

  19. No Defeat No Retreat
    Adam Beyer

  20. Back in Black
    Tiger Stripes

  21. Orbit Connection

  22. Settle in the Sun
    Bart Skils

  23. Freedom
    Victor Ruiz

  24. System

  25. A-Sides Vol. 9
    Various Artists

  26. Tunnel Vision II

  27. Tunnel Vision I

  28. Straight Lines and Sharp Corners

  29. Distance EP
    Mark Reeve

  30. Schema
    Julian Jeweil

  31. Crimson
    Thomas Schumacher

  32. Destination Mars feat. Josh Wink
    Maceo Plex

  33. Galactic Highways

  34. What You Need (Kölsch Remix)
    Adam Beyer

  35. The Walker EP
    Roberto Capuano

  36. Rattle

  37. A-Sides, Vol. 8
    Various Artists

  38. Camargue 2019
    CJ Bolland

  39. Into Desolation
    Tiger Stripes

  40. Polarize
    Bart Skils

  41. A Night in the Life Of

  42. Nimbus
    Victor Ruiz

  43. Centipede
    Heiko Laux

  44. Hypnosis

  45. We Have Bass

  46. Infinity

  47. Teach Me (Amelie Lens Remixes)
    Adam Beyer

  48. Transmission
    Julian Jeweil

  49. Phase II
    Layton Giordani

  50. Lunar Eclipse
    Marco Faraone

  51. Insanity EP
    Tiger Stripes

  52. A-Sides Vol.7
    Various Artists

  53. Meteorite

  54. Space Date
    Adam Beyer

  55. Catarse

  56. Your Mind (Original Mix)
    Adam Beyer


Drumcode Sweden

Drumcode is more than a label, it’s a movement. Founded by Adam Beyer, it stands as the most influential imprint in techno. The label was birthed in 1996, while a teenage Beyer worked at iconic Stockholm record store Planet Rhythm. ... more

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